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Beloved Habeeba El-Shamaa’s Family Arrives at Court for Uber Driver’s Trial

Habeeba El-Shamaa

The beloved family of Habeeba El-Shamaa, “The Sunrise Girl,” has arrived at the Cairo Criminal Court in Tagammo Fifth to attend the first hearing of the Uber driver accused of attempting to kidnap Habeeba El-Shamaa.

Habeeba El-Shamaa passed away on March 14th as a result of injuries sustained after jumping out of the Uber driver’s car.

The Public Prosecution ordered the referral of the defendant, accused of attempting to kidnap the victim Habeeba El-Shamaa, to the competent Criminal Court; to punish him on charges of attempted kidnapping by coercion, possession of hashish narcotic substance in non-legally permitted circumstances, and driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of that narcotic substance.

It was established from the Public Prosecution’s investigations that upon questioning the first person to witness the victim – attempting to rescue her – after throwing herself out of the defendant’s car, she told him that the defendant wanted to kidnap her, and said verbatim: “Uber wanted to kidnap me,” and the legal representative of the “Uber” company testified that the defendant’s account had been closed through the company’s application before, due to the large number of complaints against him from users of the application, but he created another account using another national number through which he was able to reuse the application. The Public Prosecution copied a copy of the papers it allocated to investigate the forgery incident, and it also reviewed the complaints filed against the defendant with the company he works for, and one of them revealed a complaint from a woman who decided that he sexually harassed her.

The investigations also revealed that the defendant was using hashish narcotic substance according to what was shown by the analysis of the two blood and urine samples taken from him, as proven by the forensic medicine report.

Who is Habeeba El-Shamaa?

The girl’s name is Habeeba El-Shamaa, she is currently 24 years old, a graduate of the Faculty of Media from the British University, and works in the field of furniture and decoration.

Who is the defendant?

A 34-year-old driver with an industrial technical diploma in the refrigeration and air conditioning department, married with three children, the eldest of whom is in elementary school.

The incident began with a report being filed at the Shorouk Police Station, an attempt to kidnap a girl named “Habeeba El-Shamaa” after she rode with an Uber driver, but she was surprised by an attempt to kidnap her, which prompted her to throw herself out of the car while it was moving at high speed, which caused her to suffer from a concussion and loss of consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

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